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A unique family experience to be enjoyed by dog sledding, snowshoeing or visiting the kennel, in a breathtaking landscape. 

Siberlou's story

In 1996, Bernard and Louise, helped by their son Simon, began a great adventure. They started the dog sledding company Siberlou. This company takes its name from the amalgam of three names:  SImon, BERnard et LOUise. Twelve years later, in 2008, when Bernard and Louise wanted to retire, Simon, helped by his wife Sophie, took over the company. Over the years, their four children also got involved. It is now their turn to retire from dog sledding and leave their place to Alexanne who also nourishes this passion for the outdoors and Siberian huskies. At 20 years old, she has been dog sledding for 14 years already! That's an understatement! Siberlou is a family experience that has touched the hearts of three generations.

Une oeuvre en peinture d'une randonnée de traineau à chiens avec les chiens de Siberlou

Dog sledding

Kennel visit


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Isabelle Davin

"This is a magical moment not to be missed! I highly recommend everyone to live this experience with Siberlou who knew how to transmit us the love for dogs and make us discover the magnificent landscapes of the Laurentides."

Clement Mabileau

"The walk in the forest with the dogs was exceptional, the landscape beautiful and the dogs very affectionate!
For those who are afraid of animal abuse, be reassured! Alexanne, Siberlou's owner, couldn't take better care of her dogs, her love and pride for them are communicative.
I highly recommend and thank you Alexanne for this great experience!"

Annie Berube

"Super nice place! The dogs are great, the owner Alexanne is an extraordinary young woman who is passionate about her dogs! The trails are breathtaking and far from the usual commercial. She will make you live an extraordinary experience in the forest with her wonderful dogs! I highly recommend her!"

Contact us

(819) 278 - 5088

749 Mnt de la Mer Bleue, L'Ascension, QC J0T 1W0, Canada

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